WP Twin: WordPress Cloning And Backup Made Easy

WP Twin can be a useful tool for anybody who are using the WordPress platform. If you’re thinking about protecting all the effort you did on your blog site, you certainly need to get this WordPress tool. Using WP Twin, you’ll be able to generate a virtually identical copy of your blog to protect it. But how? The procedure can be accomplished quickly. The truth is, cloning will take a few moments of your time. How is this possible?

Jason Fladlien: Designer of the WP Twin

Jason Fladlien is the creator of WP Twin. He is quite well-known for designing things that are really useful and really simple to use. Consequently, WP Twin works with most internet hosting services. Obtaining the product lets you have round the clock support. And it runs on iPhones, Android, PC, and Mac. Moreover, WP Twin was designed to work together with any version of WordPress you happen to be working with at the moment.

When developing products with his clients in mind, Jason has produced other favorite plugins such as the WP File Lock, WP Webinar Pro, S3flowshield, and much more. Truth be told, together with his associate Wilson Mattos, Jason continues coming up with new plug-ins each month. Remarkable as it may seem, all these products are easy to use. In point of fact, the partners are taking customer service to a higher level. For some more data and information relating to this article, be sure you check out this page.

WP Twin And The Rapid Crush Software Club

As a service to their clientele, Jason and Wilson set up the Rapid Crush Software Club. It’s a membership club for those who spend money on digital products on a regular basis. What can customers expect? Subscribers are given automatic discounts when they make a purchase. Moreover, for each awesome product launched, the 1st purchasers to have access shall always be subscribers of this Software Club.

These types of incentives are offered with the regular 30-day complete money-back guarantee that all buyers get, automatically.

Purposes Of WP Twin

If you need a cloner, WP Twin is the best wordpress plugin you could get. There’s lots of things which you can accomplish together with WP Twin:

* Produce an accurate duplicate of your blog, with all the configurations, plug-ins, themes, pages, posts, and comments intact
* Utilize WP Twin to quickly generate several WordPress blogs
* Tailor-make a single blog then deploy as many copies as you desire
* Safeguard your blog from online vandals by way of cloning your whole blog
* Easily repair damaged blogs by installing a clone with just a couple of steps

The best aspect of it is it can easily be finished with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Contrary to the usual methods of blog backup or cloning programs, you don’t have that you follow complex instructions.

Internet Marketers And WP Twin

As an internet marketer, WP Twin’s advantages along with its usability is a big asset. If you work with blogs for internet marketing and advertising, then you must recognize the value of a WordPress tool like the WP Twin. It is all the more important for you to have a type of security measure for these money websites you manage. If you’re doing multiple blogging, WP Twin allows you to avoid wasting time and effort just creating these blogs as well as tweaking these to specs. So explore WP Twin today and save time as you rake in the profits! For those who would like additional web resources on blog cloning and internet marketing, have a look at this.

WP Twin Price Plans

For only a one time payment of less than a hundred, you will get the Light package . The Standard package will set you back $147, while the high quality Unlimited package of WP Twin can be bought for $297. A reasonable value for all the things offered by the WP Twin WordPress tool.