Welcome Entrepreneurs!

I have spent the last 2 years studying with the best internet marketers in the world. As a Stompernet, ListbuildingPro, and Traffic Geyser alumnus I have used my existing medical equipment company as a proving ground for the ever expanding and changing realm of online sales methods.

This site is a sounding board and repository for my and your ideas.

Over the coming months I will be posting tutorials, tips and videos to both instruct my outsourced help and instruct those who wish to learn from my mistakes.

Many in the internet marketing world believe they must keep what they learn a deep secret. To me this is nonsense. The world is a vast place and the internet marketing world is just sapling in a forest of future opportunities. Few who learn how to use the internet to make money ever will take advantage of that knowledge, and it is a shame. Hopefully I can bring a few who would have lost the way keep on the path.

Steve Laurvick, Affordable Medical Equipment, Inc.